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The Wonderful World of Butterflies @ 2pm

Join us for an exciting presentation give by Betty Nickles at the Pine Hollow Arboretum Visitor Center at 16 Maple Avenue Slingerlands, NY 12159.

Suggested donation of $5, please park on the lawn!!

Butterflies are beautiful, delicate and often elusive creatures.  Their lives are unique and their skills are amazing.  This slide presentation will begin with a discussion of the remarkable characteristics of butterflies.  There will be an emphasis on local species: their life cycles, host and nectaring plants, and survival techniques in regard to natural enemies and winter weather.


Betty Nickles is a retired professor of biology and physics.  Since retiring, she has become an avid naturalist and nature photographer - spending much time visiting local nature areas and preserves, studying and photographing the native flora and fauna.  She has a special love for butterflies and moths.