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Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby perfect for people of all ages! It combines elements of hiking with treasure hunting, allowing visitors to explore the Arboretum in a new way.
A letterbox is a hidden box that contains a unique, hand-carved stamp, which you can stamp in journal or any blank book or paper. That’s proof of your success! You can search for one or as many as you’d like. Try to collect as many stamps as you can as you explore the Arboretum! Have fun! (Don’t forget to bring your own journal/paper and stamp pad.)
A list of clues can be retrieved from the Visitor Center during our weekend hours or you can access them at www.atlasquest.com by searching Pine Hollow Arboretum. The clues will lead you to each letterbox hidden but don’t forget, the boxes are not in plain view. They may be hidden in the ground next to plantings with leaves or wood debris covering them up. We also have one hidden in a woodland fairy box so follow the clues carefully and they will surely lead the way!
Currently, there are two letterbox series on the property. The first series includes seven boxes and are planted in a walking loop around the main areas of the Arboretum. The second series includes three boxes and explores the Russian Pond and Oak Ridge areas. This series is called the Backwoods Series because it brings you to the mature natural white pine succession forest and eastern hardwood areas.

A letterbox stamp of a nurse log

A letterbox stamp of an Alaskan yellow cedar