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Why Trees Matter
There are many ways trees help make our lives more comfortable. Imagine a hot summer’s day without the cooling shade of trees around you. Or a walk in winter without trees to break the wind. Trees shield our houses from the extremes of weather. We use less energy from non-renewable sources like natural gas and oil when we allow trees to do part of the job.
Trees make their own food. With energy from the sun and water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air, trees are able to produce starches and sugars in a process called photosynthesis. As a byproduct of photosynthesis, trees release oxygen into the air. We breathe in oxygen from trees and exhale carbon dioxide. In this way trees and animals cooperate to the benefit of both. What is a pancake without maple syrup or a table without a top or pie a la mode without the apples or a house without a frame? Trees provide wood for building and furniture-making, syrup, fruits and nuts.
Again, think about life without trees. Where would birds build their nests or find shelter and protection from predators? Birds feed on insects which in turn feed on leaves. Berries that grow on trees and shrubs are another important food source for birds. Wildlife depends on the shelter and nourishment that trees provide.
These are only a few ways trees are important. Explore the links below and learn how trees help clean air and water, prevent soil erosion and flooding, and lessen the effects of climate change. Trees inspire creativity and exploration. Learn and discover.