About Us

Guiding Principles

The Pine Hollow Arboretum showcases a great diversity of woody plants within a natural and aesthetic environment. Our guiding principles aim to encourage the healthy growth and reproduction of our horticultural collection, while maintaining a setting compatible with native plant communities and wildlife to protect the ecological integrity of the land and for the benefit and education of the general public.  


  • Preserve, manage and enhance native and introduced species of trees, shrubs and other plants in a natural and aesthetic environment
  • Introduce rare or endangered plant species to promote their preservation
  • Alter local environments in limited ways to control invasive species, enhance plant species viability and maintain aesthetic relationships
  • Allow for the co-existence of animal and plant life; insofar as possible in promoting the existence of that plant life
  • Promote and assist in education, research and public understanding involving trees, shrubs and other plants in an environmentally sound landscape
  • Showcase the aesthetic, historic, scientific, environmental, conservation and educational value of groupings of various plants

       Rhododendron seedling on a decaying log (aka "nurse log")