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Planting Areas: The horticultural collection is organized by region of origin, genera and site conditions.  For example, we have regional plantings from Russia and Siberia, China, Japan and a Western Glade. Planting areas that represent specific genera include the Fir Trail, the Magnolia Field and the Chestnut Grove.  The All Purpose Swamp is an area, that highlights both European and indigenous tree species which tolerate excessive moisture and poor drainage. 

Original Pine Hollow Arboretum Map - Circa 2007

Horticultural Collection: There are over 180 genera represented in the arboretum. The most represented genera in our collection include magnolia, fir, pine, spruce, rhododendron, and deciduous conifers.   Pine Hollow staff is currently working on updating our database to reflect an accurate inventory of specimens planted over the last half a century. We plan on sharing our updated database with the general public in the near future.

Unique hybrid plantings:  The arboretum has a small population of hybrid American Chestnuts, which were provided by the Connecticut Nut Tree Farm in the 1970s.  These trees have survived and thrived, producing numerous seedlings that demonstrate varying degrees of resistance and form.

In April of 2019, Pine Hollow was fortunate to obtain 3 hybrid oaks bred for “exceptional tolerance to urban conditions” by Dr. Nina Bassuk of the Cornell Urban Horticulture Institute. Arborists from Davey Tree Services graciously assisted with the planting of these unique trees.These hybrid oaks will continue to be monitored for performance and growth by Cornell University.