About Us

Scientific Mission

The Pine Hollow Arboretum currently provides a number of science-oriented educational opportunities for the community.  The unique forest environment of trees, shrubs and plants found at Pine Hollow Arboretum present a novel “living laboratory” to observe many ecological concepts at work.  As we move forward we hope to be the host site of research studies that contribute relevant information to the fields of horticulture, plant conservation, climate studies, forestry and ecology.

If you are a student or researcher interested in using The Pine Hollow Arboretum as a research site, please contact us at pinehollowarb@gmail.com.

Current science-oriented programs at The Pine Hollow Arboretum:

  • Hands-on environmental education for elementary students
  • Environmental leadership training for high school students
  • Ash Tree Survival Initiative 
  • Outreach workshops on emerging and established invasive species
  • Hybrid Oak Plantings: 3 hybrid Oaks bred for tolerance of urban conditions and monitored by Cornell University

The Pine Hollow Arboretum is a member or partner with the following networks and associations: 

  • Sentinel Plant/First Detector Networks (partner)
  • Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM- partner)
  • National Phenology Network
  • American Public Gardens Association 
  • ArbNet: Level I Accredited Arboretum 
  • American Conifer Society
  • American Horticultural Society
  • American Chestnut Society