UPDATE: Visitors please park at 34 Pine Hollow Road. 16 Maple Avenue is no longer an entrance to the Arboretum. Limited parking is available at the moment, so if you are planning to come with a group, please contact us to help coordinate your visit.  Thank you!!

Thank you to our neighbors, visitors and members for your patience and understanding during this transitional period!!

If you would like to help us with this transition, please check out our online fundraising site:https://pine-hollow-arboretum-on-the-move-54937.causevox.com/ Thank you!!

The Pine Hollow Arboretum is a 25-acre, member-supported, not-for-profit arboretum and nature preserve situated five miles from downtown Albany, in Slingerlands, New York.  The arboretum’s cataloged collection consists of over 3,300 unique trees, shrubs and other woody plants from around the world.  This living collection is aesthetically arranged in a natural setting that includes 12 ponds and a natural succession forest.  These marvels are all easily accessed by a network of walking trails and bridges throughout the preserve.
The arboretum is organized by geographic areas of the world, such as China, Japan and Russia.  There are also areas devoted to certain species, such as fir and magnolia.  Still other areas represent specific soil requirements.
We encourage all types of exploration at the arboretum including photography, plein air artistry, meditation and overall enjoyment of nature. Please come and see what nature has to offer!
The grounds of the arboretum are open dawn to dusk, 365 days per year. A self-guided tour of our 30 Significant Trees is available online and guided tours can be arranged in advance by calling (518) 992-2033.
  No program at this time.
· What’s in bloom?
· Self-guided tour
· Letterboxing
Together, we can create an opportunity for people to come, explore and learn about “trees in a natural environment”.
Our members sustain the Pine Hollow Arboretum in many crucial ways.  Your contribution goes directly to maintain the collection of over 3,300 trees, shrubs and other woody plants from around the world and to support environmental education in a living laboratory.
In addition to our main mission, our organization serves the local community by facilitating experiential environmental learning. By providing various environmental education opportunities and promoting public appreciation of trees and other woody species, the arboretum reaches a wide-ranging audience that includes students, local residents and community groups.

The Pine Hollow Arboretum outdoor education program first began in 2012 with a grant from the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region’s Bender Family Fund. The program was launched by seasoned environmental educator Anita Sanchez.
Established in 2013, the Pine Hollow Arboretum Endowment Fund was created to secure the Arboretum’s future as gifts are invested and continue to grow while the Arboretum uses annual interest to fund the operating budget. You can give to the Pine Hollow Arboretum Endowment fund any time of the year. At our website Home Page click on Join and Support and check the donation box and put "For Endowment Fund" in the comments section. If you do not wish to donate online, you may instead send a check to Pine Hollow Arboretum, Endowment Fund, PO Box 446, Slingerlands, New York 12159. Just make a note "for Endowment Fund" on the memo of your check and your gift will be acknowledged accordingly. The Arboretum is a 501(c) 3, not-for-profit independent organization. Donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowable by law. Your gift, in any amount, makes a difference.